Ved Lifesavers (P) Ltd. has marked its presence in the Indian as well as Global pharmaceutical market with its manufacturing expertise involving innovative & quality approach. We export our.

We are constantly in the process of expanding our products / formulations to various global markets via registration. Our Regulatory Affairs team proficiently handles our international registrations and the robust technical back-up team paired up with the visionary sales and marketing team, strengthens & promotes us ahead to achieve our venture. Our aspiring industry experts guide us at every step to evolve and learn helping us to attain integral wisdom and outgrow technically well to mark our global recognition. We have filed substantial numbers of dossiers in different countries.

Around 50 dossiers have been filed as per CTD, ACTD and guidelines of the MOH of various countries. Also, there are many more dossiers and registration plans in pipeline in various countries. With the increasing regulatory demands from across the globe, Ved Lifesavers is all set up to handle all kinds of queries from the Ministry of Health of different countries. As on date Ved Lifesavers has received 70+ CoPPs till date based on our global customer requirements.

The group’s valued list of clientele in India and global export destinations is a reflection of the group’s endeavor to become a global pharma company to export unique formulations around the globe and redesign global healthcare towards a happier and safer world.

For more details you can reach out to us at info@vedlifesavers.com

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